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We are the company that focuses on innovative online games, whilst always staying with our core value: gameplay first.

By letting our developers freely create what they believe in, we strive towards a unique and incredible gaming experience. Our goal is to create with passion and have fun doing it. We believe that, only then, we are able to create truly innovative and extraordinary games.

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Fight World is a free-to-play online party brawler with unique motion-based weapon controls and wacky physics. Choose your weapon, customize your character and fight with your friends in different environments and gamemodes. Fightworld is set to release October 9 2020 on Steam Early Access, with future plans of Switch, Xbox & Playstation 4.

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Rekt Games was founded in 2017 with the ambition to make innovative games in the small town of Örebro in Sweden. 

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1011, 2020

Devblog 38 – Moving forward

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Devblog 38 - Moving forward So the game has been out for about a month now and putting the game in the hands of you the players has been amazing! But we have heard your feedback, the game has a long way to go before it is ready. Our initial plan was to do small continuous updates multiple times a month but based on your feedback we have decided that we need to take the long route and fix some majors things. These are things that are going to take longer to implement, we are talking 4-6 months, but we think that they are crucial to making the game better than what it is today. But 4-6 months is a long time and we want to make sure the game is still updated and alive when we are working on these other things. So, we promise to release one new map every month until our next major release.  Here are the big features we are planning to work on: Network optimization A lot of people have commented on the game feeling clunky and a bit jerky, there are various reasons for this but one has to do with how we are handling the networking.  We are currently experimenting with a new system for networking that will increase the responsiveness and allow for better fidelity. It will also have the benefit of a more stable execution and easier implementation of new features which will improve the rate at which we can add new features in the future. In-game progression and variation The game has no long-term end game and after a while, each match starts to feel pretty much the same. We are planning to add a long-term progression system and improve how matches are played in a way that makes every game unique. In short, we are talking, XP, perks, and player stats customization. Better onboarding/tutorial Fightworld has a steep learning curve. Right now the game just pushes new players into an online match with no time to learn how to play. We are planning a better onboarding process where new players will be able to learn each weapon in a safer environment. Inner circle If you feel that you want to try these new features before anyone else let us know! We are starting a channel in our Discord server for players that have shown a deep interest in the game. Here you will be able to see features before anyone else, give more direct feedback, and connect with other members of the community who are as interested as you. If you are interested let us know! And yes, if you are a streamer you will be able to stream and show any new features that we provide playtests for. Whoah.. that was a lot. But we think it's better to be as clear as we can.  See you in the arena🤙

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