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We make VR games unleash
your virtual movement potential.

Upcoming project

We make you feel free and unrestricted in VR

A game about moving and jumping in VR inspired by classics but in a new reinvented way for VR.

Enter the worlds you previously only found on flat screens

About us

We are the company that focuses on innovative VR games with unrestricted movement, whilst always staying with our core value: gameplay first. By letting our developers freely create what they believe in, we strive towards a unique and incredible gaming experience. Our goal is to create with passion and have fun doing it. We believe that, only then, we are able to create truly innovative and extraordinary games.

Our first and most important core value of Rekt Games is to always ensure that gameplay comes first. The choices we make must never hinder the gameplay aspect. When faced with tough decisions that could obstruct gameplay and an enjoyable experience, we will always choose the path that enables the most for gameplay.



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