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Rekt Games

We are the company that focuses on innovative online games, whilst always staying with our core value: gameplay first. By letting our developers freely create what they believe in, we strive towards a unique and incredible gaming experience. Our goal is to create with passion, and have fun doing it. We believe that, only then, we are able to create truly innovative and extraordinary games.

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Fight World is a goofy (up to) 4v4 online brawler & platforming game focused on a unique weapon controlling system. Choose your weapon, customize your character and fight with your friends in different environments and tons of gamemodes like deathmatch, capture zone, football & race. It will be available first on PC, with plans to release it on Xbox & Playstation 4.

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Rekt Games was founded in 2017 with the ambition to make innovative games in the small town of Örebro in Sweden. Today, we’re a small group of 6, ranging from successful multientrepreneurs to award winning game developers.

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Rekt Games

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304, 2019

Devblog 34 – Sword dash rework concept

By | April 3rd, 2019|Categories: Fightworld|0 Comments

Currently, the sword is a dash forward that pierces through enemies. This is quite instant and goes through multiple enemies, damaging all. What we've found is that this is extremely powerful in some maps like Capture the Flag, where the sword character potentially has two dashes, and can outrun anyone even with the flag, that slows the bearer down. We thought of reworking it, and the concept so far is this...

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