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We are the company that focuses on innovative online games, whilst always staying with our core value: gameplay first.

By letting our developers freely create what they believe in, we strive towards a unique and incredible gaming experience. Our goal is to create with passion and have fun doing it. We believe that, only then, we are able to create truly innovative and extraordinary games.

Our game in development


Fight World is a free-to-play online party brawler with unique motion-based weapon controls and wacky physics. Choose your weapon, customize your character and fight with your friends in different environments and gamemodes. Fightworld is set to release October 9 2020 on Steam Early Access, with future plans of Switch, Xbox & Playstation 4.

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Rekt Games was founded in 2017 with the ambition to make innovative games in the small town of Örebro in Sweden. 

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Rekt Games

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