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FIGHTWORLD is a goofy online multiplayer brawler & platforming game. The game will be set in multiple different environments and gamemodes, where the objectives will be much different. This is done with several different weapons which have their own unique handling system.

And hey, it’s going to be free to play!

Swing, aim & control.

FIGHTWORLD will at release have 4 different classes, the sword, the flail, the hammer and the bow. They all have a unique & different way to handle the weapon in order to win fights. All characters can jump, dash and has a a special attack.

For now, we will showcase the Flail character who has to control and swing around its weapon and keep up momentum. In order to deal damage, the flail ball needs to spin. As the image shows, the momentum needs to continue. Even though we recommend using a controller, it is possible to achieve the same result with a mouse.

Special attack

For the flail, the special attack is aiming, charging up a shot and blasting opponents away. Be careful though, If the shot misses, the character will become exhausted, walks slowly and needs time to recover. This is a perfect opportunity for opponents to engage and counter-attack.


Up and coming, we will showcase the following aspects of the game under this page:
How do the other classes work?
What gamemodes will there be?
What does different environments and how does it impact gameplay?
Release date?
Customizing options?

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