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So, we set up a pretty (extremely super impulsive) tournament together with the incredible guys from Tegelbruket here in Örebro a couple of weeks ago, and we estimated that we could safely allow 16 teams to join us in the tournament. That’s 16*3 = 48 people joining in and playing our game!

Today, we’re proud to announce that all the places have been filled. We literally filled each and every one of them! Our hope was to fill at least 8 spots, so having it all full is an incredible achievement and we’re stoked to announce it. It means, people are willing to play our game, watch it and physically go to a LAN-event specifically for Fightworld!

Now, what remains is the most important one, creating a good tournament.

Our prospect for the event

What we hope to get from this, is all the feedback we can get. This tournament mainly helps in answering some vital questions for us like, how much depth is actually available in the game right now? What’s the most negative aspects of the game? How can we eliminate the boring parts and double down on the fun ones? How do we simply make the game better, in every way and how can the game go from ordinary to exceptional?

We’ve already gotten tons of good feedback, like one participant telling us how there are too few gamemodes, or that the controllers on the archer seems wrong, since it’s pulling the bow “backwards” and not aiming where you want to shoot. At the same time, another participant told us how good it felt to draw the bow backwards, letting go and seeing the arrow fly.

In the future, it is these questions we need to reflect upon and see what the best solution is. Do we please everyone, do we force our concept on people or do we find a completely new solution?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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