Devblog 9 – Rekt Games @Sweden Game Conference!

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Sweden Game Conference?

We are proud to announce that we will be attending the Sweden Game Conference 17-19 october. The conference has its theme “GAMES & POLITICS: REFLECTIONS ON POWER, PLAY & CHANGING PERSPECTIVES”, which we are interested in participating the discussion.

We will primarily be showing people our game and one objective is to keep listening to the feedback given by the players as to what they want more of, less of and listen to any comments that could improve the quality of our game.

Our second objective however is to view the political disucssion as to the role of game development in activism and politics. How much should we engage in politics and let express through our games? Should the games be politically inspired or a neutral haven?

For our game, Fightworld. We have actively chosen not to let people decide their gender in the game, because, why would we? Is there actually a purpose behind the decision to choose to be male or female in a game, or should the customization actually let the viewer decide what they want to identify their character as? We want our players to decide themselves. If you want long hair, lashes and run around with a bra and call yourself a man, we’re okay with that. In Fightworld, you can be what you want. Also, it leaves for funnier and crazier customization options as you can combine just about any set pieces.

We would like to thank Sweden Game Conference ahead for letting us participate and we’re super excited to engage with other gamers.

What is your view on games with political engagements?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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