Devblog 8 – Gamemodes!

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

Announcing our Beta Gamemodes & future gamemode plans.

Today we’re proud to present our beta gamemodes. We have five planned ones so far: Capture the flag, Capture zone, Team deatmatch, Flailball & Race, which will be explained below.

Capture the flag: Get the enemy flag from their territory and retrieve it back to your own. However, our maps will have some twists on them. Sometimes, you’ll need a friend to unlock the door for you, or deactivate deathtraps so you can go back to the base safely. With this, we want to encourage teamplay!
Capture zone: In the map there will be 3-5 zones which can be captured, each point captured will generate 1point during the tick duration. The first team to acquire a set of points will win the game! This is as perform sneaky plays?
Team deatmatch: Straightforward, kill the enemy opponent, or at least make them die more than you. Is your tactic to kill them, or continously knock them out of the playing field? First one to a fixed number (eg. 20, 50, 100) wins!
Flailball: This is our beloved soccer gamemode, and one we’re super excited to showcase in the future! First one to the most goals before 5 minutes wins! What’s exciting is that you can kill the enemy team while playing! This means if they have a goalkeeper, why not just go and kill him and let your teammate score? Or why not just kill the entire team? How you chose play flailball is up to you!
Race: As a whole team, at least one members needs to run through different checkpoints. This applies for both teams. You can choose to either have all members as runners, or assign “defenders” whose main objective is to fend the enemies off and slow them down, while letting the friendly runner get through. The objective however is quite simple, first one through all checkpoints wins the game!

Future plans for gamemodes:

For the beta, we want to make sure that these five gamemodes work flawlessly and give us the ability to continue developing them into more fun, diverse and innovative gamemodes. For instance, instead of having a capture the flag gamemode; why not capture the fish? This means actually having a little gamemode in the gamemode to first fish, capture it and having to transport it back home before the enemy kills you.

We’re also looking at pushing payloads, collecting gold coins or dog tags and even ones where one team solely defends and another attacks.

What is your dream gamemode?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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