Devblog 6 – Split Screen plans?

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NärCon recap

For the NärCon event, we decided to set the game up on a 49″ 4K TV, which was amazing to watch. What’s more important is that we set the game up for Split Screen, in a 2v2 Capture the flag gamemode, and a Practice mode just before, so people could try out the different weapons and kill each other (including teammates). We got really good exposure and even feedback from players who loved it but craved even more from the game. This is amazing news for us, as it aligns with our vision for the game to continue expanding on it and hopefully be able to continuously add more content throughout the years and deliver an amazing experience to our community.

Split Screen

Regarding the split screen options, this is something we will be working on in the future more towards the full release. Our vision is to let people play locally (1-4 players) against 4 other players over the network. This means our vision is that we will enable up to 4 people to play together on one device. However, for the moment being, we’re more inclined to make sure the game works as intended with one player per device, and then expanding from there on.

The choices made regarding splitscreen are originated with our perception that PC gamers play online, prefer to play on their own devices and partying up with their acquaintances over platforms such as Steam. However, for the console release, Split Screen will be of a higher priority focus.

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