Devblog 37 – Focusing on Level Design & Design Principles

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! First, HAPPY EASTER! Hope you have an amazing time with whatever you want to spend time with ?

Let’s get straight to it.

First of all, huge thanks to the people starting to approach us with ideas, feedback and requests to play our game and help us out. We appreciate you!

So, we’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks and haven’t been totally active on socials; mainly due to the focus being on getting a version up and running that’s ready for Closed Alpha testing, but also; due to it being Easter & a Swedish holiday called Walpurgis night. Both these events result in free time.

Now, the focus at the office the days has been partly level design and map designing principles. How big should a map be? How do we set the maps up so that they’re fun, but also makes sense? What Color scheme should each part have?

As you may have seen, the FIGHTWORLD map is based on platforms. But here’s the questions we’ve been tackling: should the platforms be able to float? What do we do with the edges of the platforms, do we just leave them; let them be straight corners or let our imagination flow and create exciting environments?

The issue with creating things around the edges is primarily that players might think that they can jump on it, which actually puts them outside the map.

One solution to this would be an “out of bounds”-timer. Whenever out of the playable map area, players have x seconds before dieing if they don’t go back in. The issue is though; if they’re not able to come back up, we’re literally killing our players slowly with the system. That feels too harsh.

So, should the platforms be far away? So players don’t perceive it to be a playable area? Then there’s this huge gap between them.

Our solution so far is to either put walls across, making sure the players can’t get to the other side; or putting the decorative areas a certain height below the playable area, or above. This ensures that the playable area is clear and obvious.

This is an example of the issues we’re tackling right now; which we will solve one at a time.

That’s all you’re getting for this week. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post!

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