Devblog 36 – How many levels will our game have in Alpha?

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Why is it important with levels?

So, when creating an online, multiplayer game; it’s important to give players variation. How many times haven’t you played a game and realized; it needs more maps? There’s most likely nothing wrong with the one you’ve played; but the variation in maps can change the pacing and feel of a game and give the player additional content to figure out how to be the most efficient at it.

What does this mean for Fightworld?

For FIGHTWORLD, if you’d only play one map all the time; pretty soon you would realize there was one type of weapon best fit for it; in certain places and some players would even continue to run and engage the same way every game. Our hope is that in the future, you’ll continue to play different maps every game; giving you a unique feeling every time, but still have elements from the maps that you recognize and know how to manage through.

So, what’s your plan for Alpha?

Right now, we’re aiming for 7 maps. We’ve decided that for the alpha, we’ll be featuring four of the gamemodes: Team Deathmatch, Football, Capture Zone & Capture the Flag.

For football, one map will be enough to begin with. We can always add more in the future. The rest of the maps, we’ve decided to aim for 2 versions of them. For one, we’ll try to have them different sizes & feels; and ask you guys in the community what type of map you want more of: whether it’s bigger ones; or shorter; we’ll listen to you guys and aim to collaborate with you & put out the best and most engaging levels we possibly can.

What is the plan for the future of maps?

This is just speculation; but it would be pretty amazing to have living maps. In the beginning we’ll start off with some pretty core foundations for the game; but moving further, imagine being smashed by big boulders; tornados or arrows flying in from traps. Maybe even being forced to do puzzles to open doors in order to progress; all while fighting off enemy forces.

For me, that would be pretty amazing.

Do you have any ideas for future maps & levels? Let us know!

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