Devblog 35 – Stun, dash, kill: Our finisher!

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

In a previous blog post, we explained the concept of stunning. We can now proudly showcase how far we’ve come with it.

Imagine, you attacking an enemy to the point of breaking their shield. This makes them stunned and you have a small window of time to dash into them, to instantly execute the enemy.

This short frame window is shown as the red circle when they take the damage; and to execute, simply dash/charge into the enemy with the Dash button.


We’ve even taken some inspiration from brawler games to really highlight the finisher move, and it feels incredibly satisfying to finish them off a ledge, seeing them fall out of the platform.

Let us know, what do you think of it? Do you like it? Don’t you? We’d love to know 🙂

Also, what do you think of the visual cue with the red circle highlighting the finisher possibility?

That’s all you’re getting for this week. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post!

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