Devblog 34 – Sword dash rework concept

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

Currently, the sword is a dash forward that pierces through enemies. This is quite instant and goes through multiple enemies, damaging all.

What we’ve found is that this is extremely powerful in some maps like Capture the Flag, where the sword character potentially has two dashes, and can outrun anyone even with the flag, that slows the bearer down.

We thought of reworking it, and the concept so far is this:

The sword special ability is a charged dash, this means; the longer you hold it; the further you get. And maybe, it should only pierce enemies if fully charged, otherwise; it only hits the enemies and then bounces back a little?

Imagine also, if the dash did more damage based on how long the player holds the button in. With this, a player can decide if they want to quickly hit the enemy, or hold it in long and predict the enemies movements; and therefore reap the rewards of high damage.

An example of where this concept would be great is small & tight corners where enemies can only move in one direction, the counter for this would be to jump.

This is just a concept though, do you have any ideas for what the sword special attack should be?

What would complement the sword swinging around? Let us know!

That’s all you’re getting for this week. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post!

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