Devblog 31 – Status Update

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog!

This week, we’re generally writing about our progress and what we’ve done, and where we’re going.

We’ve been working day in and out to finish on some of the more difficult aspects of the game, like networking, matchmaking & menus. This means, there hasn’t been too many updates revolving gameplay changes or even many new and exciting images for FIGHTWORLD on socials.

However, we’re finishing up on those aspects now and getting ready to test them in a bigger scale. Thank you everyone who’s participated in our crazy experiments like the tournament, the quick-to-call invitations to play within 30 minutes on Discord and everyone following us.

Now, we’re aligning more towards gameplay and game design again. This time, we’re really focused on catering a gameplay experience with that something extra. We want to cater FIGHTWORLD to the specific target audience we have in mind.

With this, we also want to give more depth to the game. Right now, I’m absolutely loving the skillstick, but feel as if we have the opportunity to do something more. Something crazier! FIGHTWORLD has the opportunity to really break through and become an even more refreshing type of game; and we want to reach it asap.

Regarding design, we’re continuing on the track to do more city stuff now, like cars, buildings, parking lots and places that fit our concept and will be fun running around in. Our tools have also become better and more efficient, for instance resulting in a much faster level design.

Hopefully, now that we’re starting to make some fun changes, you’ll be able to see more of the things that matter to you.

That’s all you’re getting for this week. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post!

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