Devblog 3 – Weapon visual customization philosophy

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Weapon philosophy, sword

This week we’re showcasing one of our customization options with the sword and the philosophy behind customization options. This specific weapon is meant as one of the weapons in a medieval theme. However, it is fully possible to combine it with any other outfit combination.

As gameplay first is one of our core values, when designing our weapons and customization options, we make sure that they follow almost the same sizes as any of the other swords, following the actual hitbox of the weapon. Even though at times, we want to make crazier weapons that are more slim, longer, shorter and alike, we feel that you as a player would maybe perceive the weapons to be different in its properties like speed or damage. Therefore, the weapons will never offset from the actual hitbox more than it needs to, in order to ensure that you, our future players will have the same gameplay experience regardless of anyones customization options.

In the future, if given enough time, we want to do crazier things with the weapons. Perhaps they could be coated with poisons, glow or even be a miniature version of a firethrower! This, however is based on the collaboration with you and the feedback we get.

What would you want to see as customization options in our game?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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