Devblog 27 – Updating the design of Fightworld – Part 1, The Shirt

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! This week, we have our GUEST POST below!

Hi I’m Johannes, I’m an all arounder here at Rekt Games. I do everything from concept design, rigging, animation and code. But mostly I’m responsible for the art style. This is the first part of my thought process for updating the art style of our game.

Where we started

At the beginning of the development of Fightworld the idea was to do as lite work as possible, cause we had a really tight deadline. What we had was basically a plain shirt and pants that we would reskin to different things with textures. It looked something like this.
This is all well for the camera view of our game. You barely see the players anyway. But a lot of things had changed from when this “design” was made. We were now a free to play game and we wanted to show your character in the main menu, big and up close. We had also defined the world they where fighting in a bit more. And this, the world they were fighting in, this was missing… There was nothing about this character that said that he belonged in a competitive TV-show.

Coming up with the new design, Fightworld what is it?

To keep things short you just need to know that Fightworld is as a sport/TV-show that people compete in. This is broadcasted on TV. Everybody can participate, you can be working in a office, be a granny or a professional football athlete. It doesn’t matter everybody can join Fightworld. So with this i mind I knew we wanted something that said, sport and something that said fighter.

Finding the default Fightworld shirt

The idea was to find a default shirt that players would recognize as Fightworld. Here I went with the idea to use bright colors in a sporty pattern. The fabric of the shirt would be breathable and the pattern should be clearly readable from far away and have the ability to look good in various color variations. At first I went with just a plain shirt as you can see below.
All of this was fine. But after discussions with the rest of the team we felt that we wanted to take more inspiration from sports. At this time I had been experimenting with adding branding text to our weapons so we felt that the shirt should also reflect that.

Voila! Borrowing heavily from football shirts, add two more icons and a big branding in the middle instantly gave it more of the feeling we where after.

So, does this mean that you always need to have this shirt? No. We will still add lots of different shirts and jackets. But this will probably be the default one.

And that’s it for this post. In my future posts I will talk about the design process behind the armor, the environment and how I work with Christoffer our master 3D modeler.


Some images were used above solely for documentational and educational purposes. The links are available below:
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