Devblog 25 – Mini-objectives

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

We’re planning ahead now, and one thing we want to develop further is gameplay depth. Imagine you’ve absolutely PWND all three opponents in a gamemode like Capture Zone, and you now have two capture zones. We want you to have an added mini-objective, a purpose when you have extra time, that can reward you as a player in a moderate way (that’s not too overpowered). The reward could even stretch as far as giving your whole team some form of advantage.

This is your chance to engage with us, and give us ideas that we could try and see if it’s viable in FIGHTWORLD!

What would be your mini-objective, if you could pick anything?

What’s fun in other games? Is it killing wandering critters, capturing shrines, completing a platforming exersize? We’re open for all kinds of mini-objective suggestions! For instance, in MOBAs (like League of Legends), it could be farming minions, jungling, getting buffs etc. And in Fortnite, it could be getting the blue shield, or getting better rarity weapons.

These are some suggestions we’ve come up with, but haven’t tried yet:

  • Training dummies giving + damage when hit.

Imagine controlling a clone, it requires some mind-body connection like no other. Therefore, when you go and hit a training dummy, you enhance this connection and your mind controls the player better, yielding more damage. But if you die with the clone, you need to “synchronize” again. This would take ~8 hits on the dummy (with a sword) for a full damage boost (like +10%) or something.

  • Health boost shrines

Imagine controlling small shrines that enhance all clones in your team, giving everyone a small health boost, making you harder to kill.

  • Power ups

This is something we’ve discussed before, and is something we will soon implement and test. Imagine boxes with random advantages, like lifesteal, traps, movement speed boosts, damage boosts, poison coating on next hit, temporary invulernability etc. that you can gain by hitting the box open and taking the power up.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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