Devblog 24 – After the tournament

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

On the 22nd of December, Rekt Games had its’ own, self funded first Official Open Tournament ever. We made it for Fightworld, and boy was it fun to watch!

With that said, congratulations to all the three winning teams, and thank you everyone who participated & watched. You mean the world to us!

So, what was the results? These were the winners:

1st ($700 + the golden cups!): BAM
2nd ($200): Flerp
3rd ($100): Maskinerna

Our objective was primarily to see if there was any interest, but also if there was any depth to the game. Obviously, the first question is, how do we define game depth? For me, this would mean that the player with the most experience & skill combined will have a significantly higher chance to succeed and win against opponents with lower experience & skill.

Was this possible? Well, we saw people with tons of different tactics. However, as the games started and people played sword alot; this created a contagion-like effect where people aligned to pick sword alot. And we can definitely understand, as it is the easiest weapon to start with. However, we saw the better teams really get a hang of the other weapons like the hammer & bow.

One thing we were super impressed by was one of the finalists in the Football gamemode, setting up an archer as both defense player & goalmaker, and having two sword characters passing the ball into the middle and letting the archer shoot the ball into the corners.

People also played differently than we had intended, for instance, the winners played the sword and ran forward at the same time, almost doubling the swinging speed. This created some very interesting Beyblade-like gameplay that was manually constructed and really fun to watch. However, when a super skilled player faces an opponent like this, it’s easy to intercept by timing an attack while the player isn’t swinging forward.

With that said, we’re so happy to see that the plays and wins were not just random. The winners had spent alot of time practicing; like really hard! We even got a screenshot of them practicing the whole night before 🙂 To answer our question, absolutely. There is currently some depth, and there is a quite high skill level for playing the flail & bow in an efficient way. However, we’re still not done and we want to incentivise even more depth & a higher skill cap.

Tournament issues:

We had some issues though, and thought I’d name a few of them: First, one of the computers would not work with our game. We had no idea why, and had to change the computer. This is something we’re looking into and are working to fix.

Second, there were both two teams dropping out as well as two teams wanting to join. The randomness of having exactly two opt in & out at the same time couldn’t be any better. We had to make no changes to the tournament brackets.

Third, we had not really prepared for a spectator view other than viewing from a players perspective. If Fightworld is bound for esports in the future; a spectator mode is definitely needed.

Other than that, we had no major or critical in-game issues. The gameplay was incredibly smooth and there were no events that forced us to have to reset the game. The only thing was that during the semifinals, the teams kept the score in a 1-1 manner, forcing overtime on overtime. We solved it when the players reached the Football gamemode, where we said “next goal wins!”. Imagine the pressure on the teams, that really created an intensive 5 minutes!

This has been a long one, what do you think of blog posts like this? Should I keep it short or do you enjoy reading more indepth thoughts & events?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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