Devblog 22 – New website coming up!

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

So, our last website was crunched up together for the showcase we had during NärCon, an event in Linköping, which was super beneficial for us and the game since we got so much good feedback.

The website was crunched as a quick-fix method to stay connected with the people who tried our game. Back then, we didn’t have a logo, no thorough & quick description of our game, no gameplay trailer that represents the final product nearly as we have today & the football gamemode was merely an idea and not something we had tried.

Today, we have all this. And the current website does not represent the game nearly as well as we wanted it to, therefore, we’ve begun working on a new website.

What do we want with the new one?

Well, we want to showcase each unique selling point to our game, whether it be the different gamemodes, skillstick weapons or customization, to fully express itself on each section.

Also, we’re adding a “Frequently asked questions”-section so people can quickly scroll through and see if we’ve answered any questions you may have. Like, one we’ve gotten alot is “Is it going to be pay to win?”, which the answer is “Absolutely not!”

Finally, we want people to see our Steam page, and this is going to be visible & easy shown on all platforms since it’s directly integrated from Steam.

With these new thoughts, we’re working on the new website. We hope that you’ll like the new design & see it as an improvement.

Whats important for you when viewing an upcoming game website? Is there something that you hate about websites that we shouldn’t do?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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