Devblog 19 – Tournament with Tegelbruket in Örebro!

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

So, we love our hometown Örebro. And we love esports. Did you know we had an esports community here? They’re called Tegelbruket and quite often set up different esports tournaments; go to Dreamhack together and even have coaches for amateur players wanting to reach the pro gaming scene.

We met up with them.

They suggested doing a Fightworld tournament there, and we are SUPER STOKED to present that it will happen! It’s going to be 22th of december and you better bring two of your favourite gaming buddies; cause we will be handing out rewards to the winners! Oh, there’s going to be a good reward too.

So how will it look like? Imagine a big arena room with a stage, six computers on it and a screen to view gameplay behind the players. All streamed up, all ready to show the world what Fightworld is about!

Here’s some fun statistics of the tournament:

  • Each team will consist of 3 players, set up a team with your two friends and join the mayhem!
  • The tournament will hopefully be a total of 4 hours.
  • Max 16 teams allowed to participate.
  • Total amount of 48 people.

How to sign up and what the rewards will be will come up shortly. Remember that there are limited teams available to join.

Who will be beside you in the Fightworld tournament?

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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