Devblog 18 – Incoming Steam Gameplay Trailer!

Welcome back to the Rekt Games devblog! Let’s get straight to it.

We’re working hard setting the Steam Store up so you guys can finally start wishlisting our game. Also, we’re trying to  produce a new website for Playfightworld so new players can read more about the story and also integrate more interactive things with the website and simply make it better.

To set the Steam store up, we need a video. So, this means we’re trying to produce a gameplay trailer! We got help with two of our beta testers to produce some content and make plays so we had some fun and engaging footage to show for it. This is our thought for the trailer:

  • No longer than one minute
  • Teach the viewer how the game works
  • Show different of the following:
    • Different Maps
    • Weapons
    • Gamemodes
      • Football
      • Capture Zone
      • Capture the flag
  • Customization
  • Set up some fun & amazing plays
    • Outplays
    • Having fun
    • Trolling each other

So, with these factors combined, we want to express what Fightworld is. It’s a haven. If you want to make plays, do it. If you just want to have a good time; it’s open for you guys too. Some people want to tell a story, and you definitely can with the outfits you wear and the gamemodes you play.

When you watch a trailer on Steam, what is it that you’re looking for? Do you want pure gameplay, story, both? For Fightworld, do you think it should lean towards being more informative; since the gameplay can be difficult to understand, or would you rather see a more story-driven gameplay trailer?

Let us know!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in. Hope to see you next time!

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