Devblog 1 – announcing devblog every week!

We are proud to officially start our devblog, and we’re intended to stay fully transparent about our ideas, development phases and progress. Hopefully, we will continue to share the updates on Wednesdays. Every week, we choose one aspect of the game that we highlight more in depth. For the first one, we will showcase several aspects! Heads up. This is going to be one of our bigger blog posts!

Social media & devblog updates

We will be posting two versions of devblog updates, one more in depth on the website blog and one concentrated with only the more impactful updates. With the devblog on the website, our objective will be to get our ideas to you, and hopefully receive feedback regarding if the community approves or finds issues that we haven’t. Using this tool, we hope to have you on board and feel like what you say and think actually matters, and it does.

We highly encourage you to write your thoughts & ideas to us, so we can consider if something needs to be changed. We love feedback!

Progress update


For the customization options, what is ready as of now is being able to change the characters face, helmet, upper body and lower body. The characters also do not have any specific gender. This will be up to you to interpret.

We want to showcase the amazing sets that we have created. The image below shows the full set of the Knight. This can be equipped by any weapon type bearer, and is a skin we’re really proud of.

On death physics

We’ve finally implemented physics when a character dies, and we love it! See the gif below. What’s amazing with this feature is the natural way the character falls down, and all the funny stuff that could happen when multiple players help out to secure a kill.


This is still a work in progress, and the image below is concept art. Our goal is to make a simple, effective and engaging UI where you can see relevant information only when needed, in order to know where to focus your sight. Also, there is a hint of gameshow/sports design in the whole UI setting, which we will disuss more in a future devblog.

The image below is the concept art for when one gamemode is over and the players are to vote for the next map.

We hope you find our blog to be an interesting and engaging one. Why not follow us on your favourite social media? Click the links below to get to our page.

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