Devblog 24 – After the tournament

On the 22nd of December, Rekt Games had its' own, self funded first Official Open Tournament ever. We made it for Fightworld, and boy was it fun to watch! With that said, congratulations to all the three winning teams, and thank you everyone who participated & watched. You mean the world to us! So, what was the results? These were the winners: 1st ($700 + the golden cups!): BAM 2nd ($200): Flerp 3rd ($100): Maskinerna

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Today, we're proud to announce that all the places have been filled. We literally filled each and every one of them! Our hope was to fill at least 8 spots, so having it all full is an incredible achievement and we're stoked to announce it. It means, people are willing to play our game, watch it and physically go to a LAN-event specifically for Fightworld!

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Devblog 21 – We’re on Steam for Wishlisting!!!

We're finally on Steam! YOU CAN FINALLY WISHLIST OUR GAME ON STEAM! Link: It's taken some time, we're also not fully done yet. But now, there's actually a page on Steam, our page, and we're super excited to get feedback on it! In the future, we're planning to add more trailers, more screenshots of the vastly different environments & showcasing more things like weapons, a better written storyline etc. Please, if you haven't yet, Wishlist the game!

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Devblog 20 – Release date?

You might be thinking, when is the actual release date of the most incredible, probably best game ever FIGHTWORLD? We've been throwing it around internally several times and have really had difficulties pinpointing a date where we know the product is 100% ready. This is what's clear though, we WILL release it in 2019.

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Devblog 18 – Incoming Steam Gameplay Trailer!

We're working hard setting the Steam Store up so you guys can finally start wishlisting our game. Also, we're trying to  produce a new website for Playfightworld so new players can read more about the story and also integrate more interactive things with the website and simply make it better. To set the Steam store up, we need a video. So, this means we're trying to produce a gameplay trailer!

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Devblog 17 – Rethinking 4v4.

Is 4v4 too much when thinking "party game"? Is it excessive in the context of Fightworld? One thing we're tackling at the moment is; is it actually fun? The idea of having 3 others in your team does sound amazing; but we're pretty certain it cannot be more. However, we're not sure if 4v4 is the right answer for Fightworld. It is the outplay mechanics of out-positioning your opponents; of being able to combo things; see each character and predict movements that make Fightworld the unique concept it currently is; and we do not want to take the fun away.

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