Devblog 33 – Shields & Health Rework

This week, we're experimenting with shields! So, how does it work? Basically, the idea so far is that if you hit your enemy fast enough (as if it was a combo), you will deplete their shield first. This means, going from 100 to 0. When 0 is reached, the enemy gets stunned & can be executed within a short timeframe. If the enemy is not executed, they will start regenerating their shield over time, unless they get hit. If hit when their shield is down, they have a normal HP meter that will keep going down if you hit them. If their hp reaches 0, they can die without being executed.

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Devblog 32 – STUNS!

At this time, we're experimenting with gameplay changes, and we're trying out stuns. I cannot express how much of a difference it makes during gameplay! IT'S SO MUCH FUN! Let me tell you first that this is very early in the prototyping phase and we're not fully done with the idea. So, how does stuns work...?

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Devblog 28 – From Concept to 3D. Part 1/3.

Greetings fellow viewers. I’m Chris the 3D wizard here at Rekt Games. In this blog I will briefly go through my workflow from where Johannes blog ended. From creating a 3D version based upon a concept. Base blockout/Modeling is where it always begins. I have a model to act as a reference model, in this way I can have a sense of scale so that a helmet, glove or even a door are created in the same size fitting to the character.

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Devblog 27 – Updating the design of Fightworld – Part 1, The Shirt

This week, we have our own Johannes guest blogging! Here's his text: Hi I’m Johannes, I’m an all arounder here at Rekt Games. I do everything from concept design, rigging, animation and code. But mostly I’m responsible for the art style. This is the first part of my thought process for updating the art style of our game, describing the shirt design.

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Devblog 24 – After the tournament

On the 22nd of December, Rekt Games had its' own, self funded first Official Open Tournament ever. We made it for Fightworld, and boy was it fun to watch! With that said, congratulations to all the three winning teams, and thank you everyone who participated & watched. You mean the world to us! So, what was the results? These were the winners: 1st ($700 + the golden cups!): BAM 2nd ($200): Flerp 3rd ($100): Maskinerna

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