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About us

The company was started in 2017 by Augin Tekin & Taha Salim Taha, as a project to create innovative online games in Örebro, Sweden. Our first idea was to release a smaller mobile game, but with the work of the fantastic team, we’re now building a game about to be released on the PC & console instead. What’s even more fantastic is that the game will be released free to play!

The company is part of the corporate group Ergo of Sweden, which has engagements within many different branches ranging with examples such as health care, sales, real estate & software development. Being part of a corporate group helps Rekt Games have a stability like no other indie developers, as we also get the benefit of the corporate group with lawyers, economists and all the surrounding aspects of building a company. This ensures Rekt Games to purely focus on game development and not have to worry about other issues.

Core values of Rekt Games

Rekt games currently has four core principles which make us unique: Gameplay first, fair play, freedom & innovate by learning. These are all equally important to us and will define us long into the future.

Gameplay first

Our first and most important core value of Rekt Games is to always ensure that gameplay comes first. The choices we make must never hinder the gameplay aspect. When faced with tough decisions that could obstruct gameplay and an enjoyable experience, we will always choose the path that enables the most for gameplay.

Fair play

We do not believe in pay to win. Therefore, we will never implement systems where players can purchase their way to an advantage. All our in-game purchaseable items will not affect the actual gameplay. Our form of revenue will be either purely cosmetic, or have a facilitative purpose.

To us, it is unethical to give one player an advantage over another by simply opening up their wallet. We will never resort to try to fund development by forcing players to pay if they want to have an equal chance of winning a game relative to another.


One of the most important aspects of creativity is being given the freedom to express themselves. Our employees at Rekt Games have the freedom to affect the game and put in their own flair into the development. We give them them a high level of freedom, the power to change the game and to experiment with what they believe will be the best result for the game. Our belief is that creativity only expresses itself when people engage themselves personally and work together in a positive environment.

Innovate by learning

Our job at Rekt Games is not to create what has already been created, we want to make new, refreshing, unique & inspirational games that have not been done before. In order to do this, the company as a whole needs to continue learning what’s new and what can be further innovated and taken a step further. Also, with the high level of freedom comes ideas that have not been tested or implemented, therefore it is important for us as a company and the individuals within to keep learning new things in order to successfully convert the ideas into a working product. The people needing to solve those problems are our employees, and we will always be supportive of them tkaing their time to learn and experiment in order to realise their innovative ideas.